Air & space…

It’s fairly common to complain about modern air travel, that the days of glamour and luxury have been replaced by the mundane and tedious tasks of simply transporting passengers from point A to point B.  Recently, however, there have been significant changes–transformative in nature if not downright revolutionary.  Boeing’s groundbreaking Dreamliner, for example, is intended to define travel with sensuous curves and subdued lighting; Airbus’ A380, aka The Double Decker,” is a technological marvel with bravado to match.  It then leads to the proverbial question :  what is the next step in aviation ?  The latter company may have answered when it introduced its new Airspace, a revolutionary redesign of passenger cabins.  This is no mere paint job.  Airbus has completely reimagined the flying experience from the passengers’ point of view with contemporary lavatories; customizable ambient lighting; interiors defined by clean and sleek lines; larger and more accessible overhead storage bins; wider seats; and, unobstructed under-seat foot space.  Airbus has clearly realized the journey is as important as the destination.


For those who are struck by wanderlust…

…on a regular basis and travel as a result, it’s a safe bet your flight will be characterized by two items.  The first is your ability to recall the airline safety demonstration verbatim, and perhaps even in another language.  And the second is the realization most people have adopted slovenly attire when they travel–as if they’ve just rolled out of bed with little to any consideration to the fact they’re sharing a cabin with others.

There’s nothing saying you can’t be comfortable and stylish.  Victorinox has the ideal solution, i.e., their Travel Blazer, a garment so comfortable and sharp it should be as indispensable as your dark jeans and razor kit.  With multiple pockets for your passport and iPhone, water-repellent cotton and Nylon fabric, metal grommets for ventilation, and the finest tailoring imaginable, you won’t look like just another passenger.  You’ll look like you own the airline itself.

 Mens travel blazer

© Victorinox

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has struck not gold…but titanium.

The City of Brotherly Love has bragging rights to one of the world’s greatest art museums and its about to undergo a 10-year expansion project–overseen by none other than Frank Gehry himself.  The renovation will vastly expand the museum’s space and features a tremendous underground construction project.

Philadelphia Art Museum-01

© 2015

The famed architect will create a series of exhibition halls lit by natural light but the ultimate question on everyone’s mind is, of course, will the new space feature the architect’s signature curved titanium hallmarks, so brilliantly used in the Guggenheim’s Bilbao outpost or L.A.’s Disney Concert Hall ?  It’s too soon to tell but there is a new exhibition devoted to the project opening 1 July called “Making a Classic Modern: Frank Gehry’s Master Plan for the Philadelphia Museum of Art.”

Philadelphia Art Museum-02

Rendering © Gehry Partners, LLP

You can travel…

…or, you can travel well.  And in style.  Ditch the standard, black nylon bag containing your iPad / laptop / tablet and opt for Italian company Piquadro’s new Celeos backpack.  Wallpaper* magazine, the avatar of contemporary design, recently awarded the item its prestigious 2013 Design Award–and for good reason.  The stylish bag is rain-proof and contains separate compartments for your electronics, umbrellas, etc.  The item is not cheap.  But then again, standing out from the crowd with never is.


© 2013 / 14 Piquadro

The German product company, Rimowa…


© 2013

…is expanding.  It’s not uncommon for heads to turn, perhaps out of admiration, perhaps put of envy, when one of their luggage pieces is seen on the jet way.  And now, their characteristic grooves and tight construction are available for Apple’s tablet line.  To continue reading the Product Design page, click here.

Spanning the three decades between the 1920′s and 1950′s…

World Tour
…when travel was indeed glamorous, Gaston-Louis Vuitton collected hotel publicity stickers–which unfortunately no longer exist in our modern, wired, digital world–along with travel photographs and vintage postcards.  Acclaimed travel writer Francisca Matteoli has done the famed grandson of Louis Vitton himself justice and produced a stunning collection of those items in World Tour: Vintage Hotel Labels from the Collection of Gaston-Louis Vuitton.  The book is a must for those who love travel or who crave brilliantly designed tomes.  To continue reading the Media page, click here.