For those who are struck by wanderlust…

…on a regular basis and travel as a result, it’s a safe bet your flight will be characterized by two items.  The first is your ability to recall the airline safety demonstration verbatim, and perhaps even in another language.  And the second is the realization most people have adopted slovenly attire when they travel–as if they’ve just rolled out of bed with little to any consideration to the fact they’re sharing a cabin with others.

There’s nothing saying you can’t be comfortable and stylish.  Victorinox has the ideal solution, i.e., their Travel Blazer, a garment so comfortable and sharp it should be as indispensable as your dark jeans and razor kit.  With multiple pockets for your passport and iPhone, water-repellent cotton and Nylon fabric, metal grommets for ventilation, and the finest tailoring imaginable, you won’t look like just another passenger.  You’ll look like you own the airline itself.

 Mens travel blazer

© Victorinox


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