The Philadelphia Museum of Art has struck not gold…but titanium.

The City of Brotherly Love has bragging rights to one of the world’s greatest art museums and its about to undergo a 10-year expansion project–overseen by none other than Frank Gehry himself.  The renovation will vastly expand the museum’s space and features a tremendous underground construction project.

Philadelphia Art Museum-01

© 2015

The famed architect will create a series of exhibition halls lit by natural light but the ultimate question on everyone’s mind is, of course, will the new space feature the architect’s signature curved titanium hallmarks, so brilliantly used in the Guggenheim’s Bilbao outpost or L.A.’s Disney Concert Hall ?  It’s too soon to tell but there is a new exhibition devoted to the project opening 1 July called “Making a Classic Modern: Frank Gehry’s Master Plan for the Philadelphia Museum of Art.”

Philadelphia Art Museum-02

Rendering © Gehry Partners, LLP


Congratulations are in order for Finland’s Embassy in Washington, DC

The Finnish architects, Mikko Heikkinen and Markku Komonen, were charged with designing not only a modern building that celebrated Nordic style along the capital city’s famed Embassy Row but also one that was on the forefront of green initiatives and environmental concerns.  Their efforts paid off beautifully as the building is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Embassy of Finland-01

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One man’s trash is another’s…architecture.

Here in Copenhagen, simply turning trash into treasure is for those who lack imagination.  Why not go one step further, create buzz-worthy architecture and ultimately challenge conventional wisdom about waste treatment ?  This small nation has brilliantly figured out how to convert trash to energy, do it efficiently, and most importantly, accomplish this while virtually undetected.

Amager Bakke-01

© 2015

The Danish architect Bjarke Ingels has built an urban ski slope right on top of the plant and–as only the Danes can seem to do–made it a stunning architectural destination unto itself.  Set to open in 2017, Amager-Bakke, or Amager Slope, is already causing a buzz.

Amager Bakke-02

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