Many appreciate London’s deep history…

…but may not understand the city’s reticence about adding modern architecture, particularly that which could draw attention from Big Ben or Westminster Abbey, to its famous skyline.  Recently, however, London fired a shot heard round the world of architecture when it unveiled The Shard, a 95-story modern skyscraper, designed by the renowned Renzo Piano, wrapped in glass and in the shape of a pyramid near London Bridge.  In one fell swoop, traditional London transformed itself and demanded to be taken seriously in embracing modernity.

The Shard-02

© 2015

Visitors now have the chance to see the entire city and savor the views from high above.

The Shard-01

© 2015

This modern tower was no fluke or one-hit wonder either.  Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and located along the city’s famed Victoria Street, 62 Buckingham Gate is unlike many buildings in London.

62 Buckingham Gate-01

62 Buckingham Gate © 2015

Imagine an architect creating glass and steel origami with the ease and angles of that created with scratch paper.  The result is startling…and brilliant.

62 Buckingham Gate-02

62 Buckingham Gate © 2015


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