The fact it has been decades since any modern architecture…

…has been designed and built in Havana, Cuba is a dual-edged sword, both a blessing and a curse.  The latter is problematic since what makes an urban area thrive is the constant and consistent introduction of new buildings, businesses and public spaces–assuming, of course, they are all worthy of fruition.  The former, many would argue, is exactly why Havana retains a genuine, old-world charm.  The city, although crumbling in many areas and poor, in many way still succeeds because that charm cannot be manufactured or duplicated with a nondescript, cookie-cutter skyline which characterizes many other places around the world.  And one of its most noteworthy examples is Edificio Bacardi at Avenida de Bélgica No. 261, between Empedrado y San Juan de Dios.  Although the company, now officially known as The Bacardi-Martini Group, is no longer headquartered in the country, it’s building still stands as both a tribute to grand architecture and one of the world’s most famous and iconic logos–the silhouette of the bat which adorns its bottles sits triumphantly atop the building.

Bacardi Building-01

© 2015


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