Having landed a number of high-profile…

…international architecture and design projects over the years, Oslo-based Snøhetta has won universal praise for that city’s opera house, an understated but elegant structure located in the Bjørvika neighborhood.  Home to The Norwegian National Opera, Ballet, and Opera Theatre, the building’s characteristic gentle slopes and stark white exterior convey its cold, white winter environs.  It’s also, just as importantly, pedestrian friendly as its design facilitates and encourages strolling around its buildings.

Oslo Opera House-04

© 2013 / 14 commons.wikimedia.org

One of its most recent exhibits is as impressive as the building which sponsors and hosts it.  Artist Monica Bonvinci’s Hun Ligger, or “She Lies,” is a permanent sculpture floating on the water outside the Opera House.

Oslo Opera House-02

© 2013 / 14 commons.wikimedia.org

Made of stainless steel and glass, and intended to resemble a chunk of ice, the structure is able to move with the wind and tide.

Oslo Opera House-03

© 2013 / 14 commons.wikimedia.org


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