The Devil’s Backbone.

ImageYoung Carlos, played by Fernando Tielve, has been left at the doorsteps of an orphange, located in a remote section of Spain; it is becoming more and more difficult for the headmistress to walk as her artificial leg becomes a greater burden; soldiers fighting in the Civil War are quickly approaching; there is an unexploded bomb in the central courtyard of the building and rumors of gold hidden somewhere in its catacombs; and the ghost of young murdered boy, Santi, wanders the halls.  And all these various elements collide in the brilliant gothic horror story, “The Devil’s Backbone,” directed by Guillermo del Toro.  The film deservedly won raves and was released in a 2-disc collection by Sony Pictures a few years ago.  It is receiving a much-deserved upgrade with the announcement The Criterion Collection is preparing the title for release on Blu-ray.  A much-needed new digital film restoration will do justice to the sun-soaked exterior shots of the orphanage while simultaneously lending an air of creepiness to the night-time scenes of the building’s haunted interiors.  To continue reading the Cinema page, click here.


World-renowned and Pritzker Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry…

Beekman Tower-02

© 2013

…admired for the sensuous curves of titanium which form the outer skin of the Guggenheim Museum’s Bilbao location along with the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, has consistently managed to surprise and impress over his long and storied career.

One of his most recent creations is New York City’s Beekman Tower, the tallest residential tower in the world.  From a distance, the building seems out-of-place and its surface appears as if something has gone horribly wrong.  It’s only as you get closer you realize Gehry has introduced his trademark curved metal as the tower’s exterior.  Upon closer inspection still do you fully realize and appreciate the enormous complexity of engineering involved–that of undulating water being poured from an unseen source above.  It’s a building so exquisite, in fact, the first reaction you have will be that of shivers down your spine.  To continue reading the Architecture page, click here.