If the goal of a memorial is to allow us to pause and reflect…


© 2013 commons.wikimedia.org

…then architect Peter Eisenmann’s and engineer Buro Happold’s 2005 work, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, i.e., Holocaust-Mahnmal, will leave you awed, stunned and perhaps even devastated.  Made of more than 2,700 stone monoliths of various heights, and taking up an entire city block, the sheer size and scope of it is almost to take in.  As you walk throughout the paths between the stones, an intentionally disorienting experience, you will be struck by the uneasy silence of the area–despite being located in downtown Berlin between the Brandenburg Gate and Pottsdamer Platz.

The effect it has upon you is similar to that you experience at Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, DC–unsettling and yet hopeful in the conviction we cannot allow these events in human history to be repeated.  To continue reading the Architecture page, click here.


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