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…for many years was unjustifiably perceived as the impetuous little sister to the older and wiser Madrid.  That changed, virtually overnight in fact, with the 1992 Olympic Summer Games which helped propel Spain’s capital of Catalonia into the ranks of the world’s greatest cities.  Its growth and cosmopolitan persona have rapidly continued since then.

Nothing can announce a city’s arrival on the global stage faster or with more aplomb than a world-class building from a world-class architect.  Barcelona took a tremendous risk but ultimately hit a home run with Jean Nouvel.  The Pritzker Prize-winning, French architect created a beautiful gem of a building when he designed Torre Agbar for the city.  Located in the tech neighborhood between Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer Badajoz, the tower’s concrete-and-glass exterior resembles ripples of water.  At night, an LED design illuminates the structure with myriad, subtle displays.  It’s a building whose entirely modern design might seem completely out-of-place in such a city as old and historic as Barcelona.  Nothing, however, can be further from the truth as Torre Agbar gives Barcelona a modern skyline while simultaneously paying homage to the city’s favorite if not controversial son, Antoni Gaudi.  To continue reading the Architecture page, click here.


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